Uh i think i need to vent some stuff about the time i’m having here in tumblr? I don’t want to be a jerk, just want to see if there are people out there that shares the same outlook i have about things here. So, uh, i’ve always been REALLY private about my art, private as in, showing to the fewest people possible and opening and closing lots of art accounts on art websites. Some friends advised and cheered me up to make a tumblr account, so i could have some fun and experiences. After a long time, i finally did it! But i don’t know, i think that even if it helped me in some aspects, it contributed accordingly with negativity. The main feeling i get around here is…apathy. It seems that if i don’t draw anything that is trending right now (as in fanart), smut, or get a reblog of a “tumblrfamous” person, i don’t get ANY kind of feedback. I’m not saying about meaningless notes, i’m talking about real feedback. Compliments, critiques, hate. I don’t get any of those. Save for a few pals, no one talks to me, even if i show i’m very open about it. It’s like i’m struggling, and i keep in a limbo of.. non existance. I interpret this silence as unworthiness - my skills suck, that there is no future for me in drawing, that i’m not capable. I’m an anxious person - i have some issues with my art. I have to tell myself everyday to keep going, that my fight to improve is not meaningless, and all i get from this site is a big, fat, vacant stare, that is not helping me in any way. Also, sometimes it seem that this site reprimands with full force original content. I’ve seen countless people saying “OTHER PEOPLE OCs ARE GREAT AND MINE ARE SO…”. Just shut up, you took your time creating your character and world, it’s a part of who you are. This was toxic to me at one time, it atrophied my creativity and i’m still medicating the scars. Original content is ok when you are part or invited to something most of us here abhorred when we were young: coteries, cliques, “cool kids”. I tried to call out attention using tumblr lingo, i changed my theme to look “cool” but… Well, i know most people won’t read this stuff as it is kinda tl;dr. I really don’t know why i’m posting this, and i really don’t want to look like a spoiled brat crying out for attention - i just want to participate, to feel in. i dunno

My heart stopped for a tiny frame of second

My heart stopped for a tiny frame of second

Apr 5

uh yeah

Apr 2

I think i’ll close up this blog for a little while

Apr 1
Apr 1

sorry about the monster flood, i kinda scribble these when i’m anxious about stuff

From wich game is from andrea? =Q Sorry for bad english >w<


Oh, he is my OC hun! c:

Someone know where i can read Pokemon Adventures online? (but, like, updated to XY chapter? :c )